Peace on earth . . .
Happy Holidays from our Peaceable Kingdom to Yours
Happy holidays from the Smith-Rudulph-Cooperider-Welch tribe!
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At Shauna's for Thanksgiving . . .
Back row, left to right: Maria (holding Veronica), Diane, Cyndi (holding Noelle, Shauna.
Front row: Evan, Julian, Xander, Brian.

It's been a fully-packed and wonderful year.

Diane and Julian spent a week's vacation in London (and a night in Paris) Stonehengebefore Julian's scientific meetings in Belgium. They finally made it to Stonehenge together, heard Vivaldi by candlelight at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields on their last night in London, and managed to make it to both the Louvre and Mass at Notre Dame in their very brief trip to Paris.

Julian's talk in Belgium was sufficiently successful that he received an invitation to Innsbruck for a spring semester's research in 2011; thanks to the support of his Dean and Chair, he'll be able to accept. Diane and Julian are still active at church, and are looking forward to the family beach vacation in summer 2010.

The kids seem now to be in constant motion:

MeghanMeghan is transferring to Winthrop for the spring and continuing her theater major (maybe theater ed?); she is dating Dylan (and now won't have to drive four hours to see him on weekends).

KennonKennon is headed to James Cook University in Australia for a spring semester abroad, and is still set on a double major in Biology and Chemistry.


Maria and Keith had their first child (our third grand-child - Veronica Laine!) the week before Thanksgiving. Maria is still assistant-managing at an AutoZone, and Keith has gone back to school for a certificate in Medical Assisting.

Cyndi and grand-daughter Noelle have moved to Gallipolis OH, where she's practicing audiology, and seems (to, I think, everyone's surprise) to be enjoying small-town life.

Jonathan and NoelleJonathan has taken a break from from school (both attending and teaching) to work full-time at the Ohio University hospital, and intends to head back for a MFA at some point in the future.

Shauna, Brian, and grandson Evan are in Columbus and have been the hub of family activities there--most recently, hosting the Thanksgiving get-together.

RioThe animals, feathered and furred, are well and happy. Rio will be moving back to Cyndi's soon. We're going to miss the crazy little bird, but Cyndi has always been her favorite person.

Shauna Maria Veronica Diane Julian Brian