The family

Julian and Diane were in Austria from January 4th to May 13th. We loved living in Innsbruck. It was a life-changing experience for us, both personally and professionally. You can follow our adventures (including trips to Salzburg, Heidelburg, and more) on our Austria pages.

We had granddaughter Noelle at the beach this year, along with Shauna's family (including grandson, Evan). And it was good to see some of our cousins during the same week. We're looking forward to having both granddaughters with us at the beach next year.

We've been making slow but steady progress on our home projects, directing most of our efforts last summer and fall to getting some landscaping started in the yard.

Meghan is a junior theater arts major at Winthrop, and still loves being on stage. Man, you all should have seen her in Chicago! She was fantastic. We've been trying to get her to give us pictures of the show, but no luck yet . . .

Kennon is a fifth year senior in structural biochemistry at Winthrop, and is applying to graduate programs.

Maria, Keith, and Veronica are getting ready to move back to Columbus. We're going to miss having them so close.

Shauna has completed her psychology degree at Ohio State University. Brian congratulated her by buying her one of those cute little Fiats. Shauna, Brian and Evan remain in Columbus, as does Jonathan.

Cyndi and Noelle are still in their tiny east Ohio town. Cyndi is the area's audiologist; Noelle is the area's cutest four-year-old.

We have several trips to the coast coming up over the next few months. (We'll miss having Veronica along with us -- she kept us company on several trips last year.) And we're looking forward to a month-long trip to Austria next year, as well as a meeting in Stockholm.

And, as always, we're looking forward to time with family and friends, wherever they may be.

And life is still good.