Happy Holidays!

Above, left: Thanksgiving Day in Rock Hill with Dylan (Meghan's fiance), Meghan, and Kennon.
Above, right: Thanksgiving weekend in Columbus with Brian (holding Scooter the Dog), Cyndi (holding Veronica), Noelle (on Diane's lap), Shauna, Maria, and Keith.

This summer we spent six weeks in Europe, took our annual family beach vacation (with both granddaughters!) on Oak Island, and spent two weeks in Tobago (doing science stuff).

Julian is still happily engrossed in his teaching and research at Winthrop, and enjoying collaborations with other scientists here and abroad. Diane still trying to write, and plans one day to be asked by an NPR interviewer why it took her so long to finish her first book. They're involved in multiple renovation projects around the house, and have finally gotten started on putting in gardens. Things slowed down a little when Diane broke her arm fairly spectacularly tripping over an uneven Charleston sidewalk at the beginning of November, but she's recovering nicely now.

Meghan is now in her senior year as a theater arts major at Winthrop. We just saw Words, Words, Words, the play she directed for the One-act Play Festival. (It was fantastic.) Kennon has graduated, found a job, and is applying to grad schools. Shauna has a new job in a different part of the Ohio State University hospital system. Shauna, Brian, Evan, Jonathan, Maria, Keith, and Veronica remain in Columbus. Cyndi and Noelle are still in their tiny east Ohio town.

We hope to be in Austria again next May, and there may perhaps be an expedition earlier in the year to the Florida Keys (with the same crowd we joined in Tobago).

As always, we're looking forward to time with family and friends, wherever they may be. Our greatest fortune is to have you in our lives.

And life is still good.

Julian and Diane