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Pelican over the rooftops

Beach 2008


Crowd on the stairs, 1
From top: Nick, Diane, Kennon, Sarah, Meghan, Julian, and Katelyn

Crowd on stairs, 2
From top: Nick, Diane, Cindy, Kennon, Becky, Meghan, Julian, Katelyn

Collecting flatworms
Nick, Julian, and Meghan collecting flatworms. (Isn't that what everyone does on vacation?)

Becky, Nick, and Kennon
Becky and Nick surf the web, while Kennon looks for flatworms.

The kids take off
The kids take off down the beach.

The kids waaay down the beach
Those little dots waaaay down the beach are the kids moments later.

Becky, Cindy, and Katelyn on the porch
Becky, Cindy, and Katelyn on the back porch

Oak Island, "The Beach"
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