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Beach 2010


Group picture
From top: Dylan, Brian, Ashley, Katelyn, Evan, Diane, Shauna, Julian, Meghan
(If the famiy grows much more, we're going to have to find a cottage with a longer staircase.)


Julian and Diane
Diane and Julian

Julian at the microscope
As Shauna said, this is what a biologist looks like on vacation.

View from cottage
The view from Cooley Cottage

Meghan & Katelyn
Katelyn and Meghan in the surf

Brian & Evan playing botchi-ball
Evan and Brian playing bocce-ball

Shauna and Brian in the waves
Shauna and Brian in the waves

Crowded beach
Oak Island on a crowded day

The Flying Pig
Evan, Diane, and Julian checking their email at The Flying Pig

Shauna & Brian in the surf
Shauna and Brian in the surf

Katelyn and Meghan
Katelyn and Meghan

Shauna, Brian, and Evan
Shauna, Evan, and Brian

Katelyn, Dylan, and Meghan
Meghan, Katelyn, and Dylan

Evan's swimsuit held air nicely, leading certain unkind members of the family to call him Bubblebutt.

Katelyn and Meghan
Katelyn and Meghan

A heron on the inlet


A perfect day
We had perfect weather every day this year.

Shauna and Brian and seashell
Shauna and Brian

Moonrise on our last evening

Oak Island, "The Beach"
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