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Beach 2012


Beach Vacation 2012 --
Or, Cousins at the Beach

Our annual stay at Cooley Cottage on Oak Island was a little bit squeezed this year. Julian and I got there three days late because we didn't get back from Stockholm until Monday. Shauna and Cyndi had to leave two days early because of obligations back in Ohio.

However, this was the first time both of the younger grandkids had been there, and we really enjoyed watching them together.

Veronica and Noelle
Noelle couldn't even wait to get her suit on before getting down in the surf, so Veronica, of course, had to follow suit -- or suitless.
Noelle drawing in the sand.
Drawing in the sand is serious work.
Veronica and Noelle
Cousins and bestest friends.
I asked Veronica if she likes the beach. "No," she said solemnly. "I love the beach."
Noelle loves the beach, too.
Veronica and her shadow
I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
Cyndi and Noelle
Noelle and her mom in the cove hunting for seashells.
Shauna and Veronica
Veronica and her Aunt Shauna. Veronica thought the cove was kind of dull. She likes waves.
Diane, Shauna, and Veronica
Nanne, Veronica, and Aunt Shauna.
Noelle in her beach hat
Noelle in her floppy beach hat.
Meghan and Veronica on the ferry to the aquarium
Meghan and Veronica on the ferry to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.
Cyndi, Noelle, Veronica, Meghan at the Aquarium
Cyndi, Noelle, Veronica, and Meghan at the touch tank at the Aquarium.
White alligator

A rare white alligator at the Aquarium.

Noelle and Veronica
Veronica and Noelle at the Aquarium.
Shauna, Noelle, and Veronica pose by an alligator
Noelle was okay posing with Shauna in front of this alligator, but Veronica was not about to take her eyes off it.
Julian and Veronica
.Veronica LOVES watching fish.
Noelle and Cyndi
Noelle and Cyndi.
Shauna, Noelle, and Veronica
Noelle, Veronica, and their Aunt Shauna.
The scientist on vacation.
Oak Island, "The Beach"
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