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Beach 2014


Beach Vacation 2014

Our favorite week of every year is the week spent on Oak Island with as many kids and grandkids as can get there. This year, we were crowded enough that Meghan slept on the couch; next year, we'll need a larger cottage.
Noelle and Veronica
Veronica and Noelle.
Noelle drying off.
Julian, Noelle, Veronica
Dinner time!
Shauna and Noelle
Shauna and Noelle.
Noelle and Veronica
Veronica and Noelle.
Meghan and Veronica
Veronica with Aunt Meghan.
Nanne and Noelle
Nanne and Noelle in the surf.
Meghan's birthday cake
.Meghan celebrated her birthday at the beach.
Noelle in Aunt Meghan's hammock.
Veronica by the seashore.
Oak Island, "The Beach"
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