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Around Our Hotel

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity
The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity was held in Qingdao in 2014. Julian gave a paper, "Untangling the Meiofaunal Food Web," and also presented a poster. (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)

Lobby of our hotel in Qingdao
The lobby of our hotel in Qingdao.

Set up for a wedding
Our hotel and the one next to it seem to be popular venues for weddings, and Saturday seems to be the popular day. A rainbow archway and cannons were set up in front of each. When the couple arrived, the cannons shot confetti into the air, and the party entered under the rainbow arch.

Wedding wall
This wall was set up outside the reception room in our hotel. As you can see from the framed picture on the wall, the wedding dress was quite western.

It did not seem to me that it would be polite for me to barge in and take pictures of the party, so this was a close as I got.

The wedding couple's car
The wedding couple's car.

View of highrise buildings
A view of high-rise buildings beyond a plaza and park.

Stairs leading down to a cineplex and shopping
In the plaza, there are stairs leading down to a cineplex and shops.

Homes in Qindao
A busy street and some homes in Qingdao.

One of the beaches in Qindao
The "No. 1 Bathing Beach" -- one of the beaches in Qingdao.

Street vendors
Outdoor vendors in Qingdao. Just before we left, we bought shell wind chimes here. They now hang over our deck.

Temples on a hilltop
Temple buildings on a hilltop. (We visited them later.)

Eels for lunch
I ordered what looked like some kind of noodles from a picture menu. It turned out to be little dried eels. I thought they were a little too fishy. Julian thought they were a little too salty. We were both a little put off by having to look at their little eely eyes.

However, as Julian said, though, they made pretty good beer nuts.

The restaurant wound up being our favorite restaurant, however. It was right across the street from our hotel, the food was very cheap, the proprietors were very friendly, and, it turned out, they had a nephew who spoke English. Hurray!

An avenue of cypruss trees
An avenue of cypress. The cypress is the official tree of the city of Qingdao.

The Moral Bookstore
A "Moral Bookstore." We have no idea what makes it moral.


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