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Noelle opening presents
It's so neat to have a baby on Christmas morning again . . .

Meghan on Christmas morning

Living room & dining room
We got our floors and ceilings finished just in time to put the tree up before Cyndi and Noelle got here.

Meghan on Scoot-scoot, 1991
Nope, that's not the same baby. This is Meghan on the Scoot-scoot in January of 1992. She has been kind enough to entrust it to Noelle.

Noelle & Cyndi with Froggie
Froggie was a big hit.

Noelle & Froggie
Noelle and Froggie, again.

Cyndi, Noelle, & drums
Cyndi & Noelle & Noelle's drum toys.

Moon through the trees on Christmas Eve
The moon through the trees in our yard on Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2007
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