Most of the family
Keith (holding Veronica), Maria, Meghan, Diane
Brian, Shauna, Kennon, Cynthia, Julian

Many family members were able to make it for Thanksgiving, which was lovely.

Brian, Shauna, and Evan are still living in Columbus, Ohio. Shauna is enjoying her job working for the Ohio State University hospital. Evan remains involved in sports, and enjoys cooking as a hobby. Shauna has joined a sewing club. Brian grew a mustache for Movember.

Jonathan is also working at the OSU hospital, but contemplating a return to school to get an advanced degree in laser art and holography.

Cynthia and Noelle are living in Gallipolis, Ohio, near Cyndi's job as an audiologist in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia. Noelle is taking gymnastics now.

Keith, Maria, and Veronica are living in Rock Hill now, with Keith and Maria working for auto shops here and in Charlotte. Keith will be returning to school soon. Veronica has just started walking. Julian and Diane are enjoying the time they get to spend with them now that they're here.

Kennon is a senior at Winthrop University, double-majoring in biology and chemistry. He enjoyed his spring semester at James Cook University in Australia.

Meghan is a sophomore at Winthrop, majoring in theatre and minoring in dance. She is thinking about theatre education.

Julian is getting a lot of research done at Winthrop, while Diane continues to write. They are busy getting ready for to spend the spring semester in Austria.

Prospero, Mithrandir, Inky, Luna and Noname are all still here, keeping the humans from getting bored and lonely. Rio has gone back to live with Cyndi, and Tigger has moved in with Meghan. We think the change is good for all, but we miss Rio and Tigger. PC remains our outdoor cat, and Inky's best friend, but Callie has deserted us in favor of a neighbor's home. (Less competition around the food bowl.)

And life is still good.

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