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Christmas 2011
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Christmas 2011 started out in South Carolina with Julian, Diane, Maria, Keith, Veronica, Kennon, and Meghan.

Prospero and the Christmas tree
Prospero thinks the tree is "neat." ("Neat" is one of his favorite words, lately.)
Mithy thinks it might eat parrots.

Tamale making
We make tamales on Christmas Eve, as did my mother, and my Aunt Ruth, and my great grandmother Maria Candelaria.

Tamale making
The kitchen ends up smelling like tamale heaven.


Cats on Christmas
Between meals, the cats spend Christmas Day lazing on our bed. In other words, Christmas is pretty much like any other day for them.

Kennon checks out the stockings.

Veronica found a magic wand in her stocking, and after that we had a hard time getting her interested in anything else.

Kennon, Maria & Veronica

Kennon, Maria & Veronica
Who cares about beach toys, when you have a magic wand?

Maria and Veronica
Best present ever!

Yeah, yeah. Socks. Great.

Keith, Veronica, Maria & Meghan
Okay. Yeah. The pirate ship is kind of neat. But have you seen my wand?

Keith, Veronica, Maria & Meghan

Meghan and Veronica


Kennon trying on his new shirt from Cyndi.

Meghan with loot.

Meghan and Veronica

Veronica's lashes

The following week, Julian, Diane, Maria, Keith, and Veronica went to Ohio to have a belated Christmas with Shauna, Brian, Evan, Cynthia, and Noelle.

Evan, Gator, tree
Evan at his Cooperider grandparents' home, transporting the tree in the Gator.


Noelle and Veronica
Noelle and Veronica at Cyndi's house.

Noelle was so nice letting her baby cousin play with all of her new toys.

Brian and Jude
Brian with Noelle's dog, Jude.

Christmas 2011
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