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Emerald Isle, soon after dawn

Trips to the coast
(It's "the beach" when we go to play, but "the coast" when we go to work.)

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Beach Historical

A typical collecting trip:

Currently, we are visiting Emerald Isle, a site Reinhard Rieger began studying back in the 1970's. We have historical data going back to Reinhard's studies, and several of Reinhard's students, including Julian, were involved in this original study. (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)

Since Reinhard's death in 2006, Julian, Steve Fegley, and Sienna Litvaitis have begun a project comparing the meiofauna present at the Emerald Isle site now with the meiofauna that was present before the area was developed and the beach was frequently renourished.

This is a unique opportunity. Rarely are there data surviving from the seventies; rarely can one view this history, see the changes, and contemplate the causes and consequences.

Julian, early morning, Emerald Isle, March 2012
Julian with a collecting bucket, which bears a remarkable resemblance to a cat litter bucket.

These pictures were all taken during a collecting trip in March 2012.


Shell hash on Emerald Isle
A band of shell hash.


Emerald Isle
Low tide came early, so it was just us and a few fishermen.


Emerald Isle
A collecting grid.


Emerald Isle
Well, actually, it was us, a few fishermen, and some gulls.


Emerald Isle


Emerald Isle
Collecting in the swash. It was chilly that day, although not as chilly as it was during our January trip when a woman walking her dog stopped and watched us sloshing around in the water with our tupperware containers and buckets and asked what we were doing. Julian explained it, and she replied, "Oh! I thought you all were just crazy."

IMS Dorm
This is the dorm we stay in at UNC's Institute for Marine Science in Morehead City.

Dorm deck
This is the deck, and the grill where we cook our meals. (The dorm has no stove.)

Meal at the dorm
We've gotten pretty good at cooking on a grill. This shrimp scampi with grape tomatoes was delicious, if we do say so ourselves.

View from the deck
And here's the view from the deck.

Deer near the collecting site
On our way to the collecting site on Emerald Isle, we pass this house where the owners feed the local deer.

Scientists doing Science
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