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When I was very young
Beach 2012

Cyndi, Noelle, Veronica
With Noelle and Veronica on Oak Island, June 2012.

On the ferry with Noelle
With Noelle on the ferry to the Aquarium, June 2012.

Being hooded
Cyndi being hooded, June 12, 2009. (We are all so proud of her.)

Dr. Cyndi's hood
The doctoral hood.

Cyndi getting her doctorate!
Going up to the stage

Dr. Welch and family
Dr. Welch being congratulated by Shauna, Diane, Noelle, and Maria.

Cyndi and Noelle
Cyndi and her daughter Noelle, born 5/18/2007.

Professor Rigsby Rooh-bot Inikinzies, Ph.D. Chemistry, Archduke of Canterbury, Purveyor of Desserts, Protector and Best Friend of Cyndi, and also known as Rooh or Rigsby, died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday, July 28th, of congestive heart failure.

Cyndi's tree
Cyndi's tree, 2006

Cyndi at Shauna's wedding
Cyndi at Shauna's wedding, June '05

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