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Beach 2012
When I was very young

Cyndi, February 1979
February 1979.

The orange crayon
The orange crayon busts a move. Halloween 1983.

Fall 1982.

Cyndi's birthday 82
Cyndi's birthday 1982.

Cyndi at 11 months
Cyndi, August 1978

Cyndi's first birthday
Cyndi's first birthday

Cyndi having ice cream
Why are you looking at me like that? And what are you planning to do with that wash cloth?

Cyndi with a top
Cyndi playing with a top, October 1978

Cyndi December 1978
Spaghetti monster, December 1978

Jonathan, Cyndi, December 1978
Jonathan in the background, December 1978

Cyndi, December 1978
Cyndi, December 1978

Cyndi, August '79
August of 1979

Cyndi, June '79
June 1979

Diane & Cyndi, August '79
With Mom, August 1979

Jonathan, Cyndi, Shauna & Timmy, Fall '79
With Jonathan, Shauna, and Sammy the Siamese, Summer 1979

Maria & Cynci
Maria and Cyndi, Christmas 1979

Playing with Jonathan '81
Playing with her big brother, 1980.

Shauna and Cyndi
Shauna and Cyndi, 1980


I just found some old pictures of Cyndi, so those are at the top of the page.

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