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Walk to the Polls Rally in Rock Hill

James Taylor's Concert for Barack Obama In Charlotte, NC

Julian and Diane

There was a time, so my husband says, that you could hold a meeting of the York County Democratic Party in a phone booth. Now we hold a rally, and 300 people show up.

These are pictures from the "Walk to the Polls" rally held November 2, 2208.

Leaving headquarters
Democratic workers, volunteers, candidates, office holders, and supporters leaving York County Democratic Headquarters in Rock Hill.

Heading to City Hall

Arriving at City Hall

Cathy Griffin

John Spratt and local Democrats
Congressman John Spratt addresses the crowd from the steps of City Hall.

Candidate for the State Senate, Mandy Powers Norrell.

Listening to the candidates

Educators for Change

More shots of the supporters

A young man holding the Obama banner

Electioin 2008
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