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Europe 2014

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We took the train from Hasselt to Berlin, where Julian gave a talk ("A Phylogeny for Schizorhynchia: Molecules Must Guide Morphology") at ICIM3 (3rd International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology). (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)

Berlin train station
The Berlin train station.
The street where our hotel was
The view up Albrechtstrasse toward our hotel.
Statue of Martin Luther
There was a 3 foot statue of Martin Luther in our hotel lobby . . .
Photo of an art installation?
. . . and this was on the other side of the lobby. Some sort of art installation, with lots of statues of Martin Luther?
The residence for the national theater
Near our hotel was the Residenz Am Deutschen Theater.
The Deutschen Theater
Deutsches Theater and Kammerspiele.
Diane in Berlin
At an Indian restaurant in Berlin.
The Friedrickstadt Palast
The Friedrichstadt-Palast, where, as the advertising said, Las Vegas comes to Berlin.
Side view of Palast
The Palast, again, from the side.
The Weidendammer bridge over the Spree.
On the north side of the Spree is this lovely old building with a vine-covered pergola.
New building grafted on old
A new modern building grafted on to an old one.

O.k. So you want to dig near the Spree. To do that, you need cofferdams and pumps and pipes. In Berlin, the pipe-supports are covered in quotations from people like Seneca.

Construction on museum island
Restoration and improvements being made to Museum Island.
Berlin Cathedral
The Berlin Cathedral.
Little boy playing ball on cathedral steps
A little boy playing ball on the Cathedral steps.


Berlin 2014
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