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After a week in Stockholm, we flew to Hasselt, Belgium, where Julian is working on some projects with Tom Artois at the university there. (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)

Hasselt is in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. Belgium is also where I pretty much gave up trying to speak at least a few words of the language of the country I was in, because, in Belgium, which the heck language would one choose? Well, I suppose Flemish would make sense because, as I said, Hasselt is in the Flemish part, but have you ever tried to speak Flemish? The Belgians laugh at other Belgians who try to speak Flemish. So I fell back on sign language, and the occasional German word or two.

However, Hasselt is an absolutely wonderful little city, bike- and pedestrian-friendly, with wonderful food and an open-all-night summer atmosphere. There are night-shops in the city center that open at 6:00 PM and close at 3:00 AM. On the other hand, it is next to impossible to find anyplace open for an early-morning breakfast.

From our hotel toward the City Center
Our hotel was right across from the City Center, which is mostly blocked off to automobile traffic and has great shopping and eateries.
Main shopping street
The main shopping area of the City Center.
Street in the City Center
Toy store
A toy store in the City Center.

If you order a cheese sandwich in Hasselt, this is what you'll get.

Below, some shots from the City Center, which mixes old and new buildings and styles.
Window in City Center
Hasselt City Center
City Center
Street art
Hasselt has a fine tradition of supporting street art.
More street art
Hasselt street art
Oxen planter
I never quite figured out the story behind this planter. The only references I can find to twelve golden oxen have to do with the baptismal fonts Mormons use.
St. Quintinus Cathedral in Hasselt's City Center
The St. Quintinus Cathedral in Hasselt's City Center.
The Cathedral, again

See the silver stripe on the Cathedral, above? Here's why:

Felice Varini, Hasselt, Belgium

Plantings near City Hall
Living art on a wall near City Hall.
Enjoying some of the best beer in the world in a pub in Hasselt.
Hasselt 2014
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