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Europe 2014

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We love Innsbruck. We love the city, the people, the mountains, and the surrounding villages. We are so incredibly lucky to have gotten to spend a lot of time there, and if we're in Europe anyway, we stop for a visit if it is at all possible.

We stayed at The Basic Hotel, which we had noticed on previous trips. The name amused us, and the location can't be beat. (The hotel faces the main bus/trolley station near the Old City.) Ordinarily, this would have been a fantastic choice. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and the price is low for Innsbruck, However, we hadn't bargained on the entire bus/trolley complex being under construction, which was very inconvenient to anyone trying to drive there, including the friend who kindly picked us up at the airport. (You can see a picture of the hotel on one of the pages concerning a previous trip to Innsbruck.)

This time, we walked out of our hotel and within minutes ran into our good friends Barbara and Herbert Hofer.

Barbara and Herbert
Dinner at a Thai restaurant in the Old City with Barbara and Herbert.

The Old City
In the Old City.

Maria-Theresian Strasse
Maria-Theresien Strasse.

The River Inn
The River Inn was really high.

Our friend Gunde returned from visiting family in Berlin, so we spent our last day with her in Birgitz, on the plain just above Innsbruck.

Birgitz, with Axams in the distance
The village of Birgitz, with Axams in the distance.

Birgitz - houses
Houses in Birgitz.

Playground above Birgitz
Children on a playground above Birgitz.

Then it was time to go home . . .

Innsbruck 2014
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