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Europe 2014

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Nobody ever actually asked me if I'd rather live in a big house and drive a fancy car, or travel a lot. Fortunately, had I been asked, I'd have picked the travel.

Julian's work takes him abroad frequently, to attend conferences, present papers, and otherwise hobnob with his fellow wizards. And he and I have an agreement that if he gets to travel, so do I.

This summer, Julian presented a paper at ICIM3 (the 3rd International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology) in Berlin. He also received support to do some work at The Swedish Museum of Natural History and The University of Hasselt. And as long as we were already in Europe, he stopped by The University of Innsbruck to pick up research materials. (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)

This was our second trip to Stockholm, one of the loveliest and most civilized places in the world. Because Julian was working at the Museum, we stayed in one of the old gatehouses at the University.

The museum
The museum.
The gatehouse
The gatehouse.
Interior of gatehouse

Inside, the gatehouse has two guest apartments, complete with kitchen, bathroom, living/dining area, and bedroom.

Julian's breakfast

Having access to a kitchen save us lots of money. It also allowed Julian to have things like sill (pickled fish) and spaghetti for breakfast.

Those of you who know Julian's taste in food will shrug this off. The rest of you will never understand.


An entrance to the tube was just a short distance away, allowing me to spend my days in Stockholm while Julian worked at the museum.

And Julian was able to take a couple of days for sightseeing, too, at the end of the week.

Fountain in Stockholm
Fountain in the Ostermalm area of Stockholm.
Duck Dynasty, Sweden
We figured these guys are screen-testing for the Swedish version of Duck Dynasty,
Duck Dynasty II
The Ostermalm district, near the shopping center we frequented.
This is the entrance to the mall where I shopped daily, just off the Karlaplan. There's a huge ICA (pronounced "Ick-a") grocery store, and a liquor store. (Sweden has a state monopoly on all sales of anything that has more than 3.5% alcohol content.)
Apartments over the shopping center
Apartments over the shopping center.
We usually splurge on one meal at one really good restaurant per city. This is Broms, our good Stockholm restaurant. The food was very good.
Church in Ostermalm
Church in Ostermalm.
Interior of church
The national theater
The National Theater.
Near the National Theater. Corbels apparently get tired doing of holding buildings up.
The Nordic Museum
The Nordic Museum.
Statue of King Vasa

A statue of King Vasa in the Nordic Museum.

Some of the highlights of Scandinavian design from the museum follow below.

Scandinavian living room, midcentury
Mid-century Scandinavian interior design. It looks a lot like my family's living room in 1963.
The Nordic Museum
As Julian said, we left the Nordic Museum when the Vikings showed up.
St. George
Statue of St. George.
Lion statue
One of the lion statues outside the palace.
Stockholm 2014
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