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Veronica and Evan
Evan is the bestest big cousin ever! With Veronica, March 2012.

Easter egg hunting
Hunting for Easter eggs at the Cooperiders' farm in 2012.

Veronica kisses Evan
Help! Baby kisses! Veronica gives her big cousin kisses, January 2011.

Evan food tour
Shauna and Brian took Evan on a food tour for his birthday in November 2010.

Evan and Shauna at a weddng
Evan and Shauna at a wedding reception in Confluence Park.

Evan's concert
Evan at a school concert. (He plays the saxophone.)

Evan and Mr. Bunny Rabbit
Evan and Mr. Bunny Rabbit, October 2007

Evan and Kennon
Evan and Kennon in Kennon's room, 2006.

Evan and Meghan
Evan and Meghan, 2006.

Evan as Darth Mahl (sp?)
Evan as Darth Maul (sp?), Halloween 2005

Evan & Joanne - Halloween
Evan and Joanne, Halloween 2005.

Evan & Hank, Halloween 2006
Evan and his friend Hank, Halloween 2006.
Evan is an Evil Monk. We're not sure why.

Evan driving the Gator
Evan driving the Gator, with a nervous Grandma Cooperider.

Evan (second from left) on rafting trip
Evan (second from left, with the bunny ears) on Mama's Annual Rafting Trip.

Evan and his new bike
Evan and his new bike.

Evan's 9th birthday party
Evan's 9th birthday party, November 2006.

Evan and Brian
Evan and his dad.

Evan and friends with frog
Evan and friends looking at a frog.

Ridge, Evan, and Meghan
Ridge, Kennon, Evan, and Meghan on the ferry, beach trip, 2006.

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