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Ours, mine, and yours

Ours is a large, blended family.

Julian (paterfamilias) is a professor of biology. He is married to Diane. (For more information on Julian's research, check out his professional website.)
Diane (matriarch) has sent a book off to a publisher and is working on another. Or maybe two others.
Shauna (eldest daughter) works in a hospital, is married to Brian, and step-mom to Evan, World's Greatest Grandson (and Most Patient Older Cousin).
Jonathan (elder son) is a laser artist and holographer. He got tired of the penniless artist existence for a time and worked in a hospital, but he's now gone back to Ohio State University for his MFA so that he can go back to being an artist.
Cyndi (second-oldest daughter) is an audiologist. She works for the VA hospital in El Paso, and will be marrying a great guy in June. (Seriously. We all like him, and it is not easy to pull that off.) Cyndi is the mom of Noelle, World's Greatest Older Granddaughter.
Maria (second-youngest daughter) is no longer managing an Auto Zone, because she has found a job with better pay and more regular hours. Veronica, World's Greatest Younger Granddaughter, is her daughter.
Kennon (younger son) is in a doctoral program in Florida. He is engaged to Iris, which is wonderful. Yup, we all like her, too.
Meghan (youngest daughter) finished her degree at Winthrop, is a certified dog groomer, and is mulling over a graduate degree.
They all are somewhat animal crazy, and share their homes with an assortment of nonhuman companions.

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