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Future projects, home & garden

Alice statue
Our Alice statue stands, now, among the zinnias, but I plan to make her part of a landscape more like Tenniel's illustrations.

Garden of Live Flowers

So we have planted tiger lillies, and peonies to stand behind and beside Alice. I also want to plant three rose trees -- in order, white; white/red; and red. Those who know the books will know why.

However, we also have other gardening goals. And a large lot with problem soil and drainage issues.

Raised beds going in
We have two major problems with trying to garden on our 7/8 acre lot: The soil is rotten and water pools forever in some areas -- or runs off under the foundation.

To fix the soil problem, we are installing raised beds.

raised beds
We'll fill the beds with perennials. There will be a little bridge over the ditch, and a rain garden near the sidewalk in front of the house.

raised bed
Getting the sod out of the beds is fun! And next we're going to need a staggering amount of soil to fill them with.

Julian moving soil
As it turned out, it takes 5+ cubic yards of grower's mix to fill them.

Moving dirt

Filling the beds

Because of the water run-off problem, for several days after it rains, one cannot get to the mailbox without sinking in up to one's ankles. So we decided to install a gravel path.

So we ordered 7 1/2 cubic yards of gravel.

garden path

rain garden

Those large areas with the turf removed will be rain gardens. The idea is that the rain gardens catch and filter the water and channel it away from the house.

The trench is going to be a French drain (extra insurance the the water won't wind up under the house).

P.C. approves of the path.

rain garden

To place a rain garden, you find the areas where water tends to pool, and dig them deeper.

rain garden

Then you order a mix of sand and good garden soil. (The near pile is Grower's mix; the far pile is Rain Garden mix. 10 cubic yards of rain garden mix.)

rain garden

Next comes the planting. I put in seeds, and, by gosh, they've grown. To see how they've grown, check the main garden page.

rain garden

We wound up with about a cubic yard of the rain garden mix left over. I'm sure we can find some place to put it.

rain garden

Meanwhile, the bulbs I put in last fall have come up.

rain garden

The cats looove the gardens. And that's what really counts, right?

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