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The gardens have come a long way, although they will always be a work in progress. The rain garden is wild and wonderful, and has nicely eliminated the problem of water running under our foundation.

The raingarden, April 2016.

hummingbird feeders
We have two hummingbird feeders in it, made by Andrew Lazenby of Blue Goose Studios.

hummingbird feeder

hummingbird feeder

spiderwort in the raingarden
The stars of the raingarden at this point are the spiderwort and the irises. Daisies are about to bloom, though.

Iris in the raingarden

Peonies, in bud
The peony put in as a bareroot last spring is about to bloom.

Forget me nots in creeping jenny
Our creeping jenny and forget-me-nots in the beds by the gravel path are, if anything, a little too successful.

rose, coneflowers
The grassy stuff in front is actually the foliage of some of our crocuses. Creeping jenny's on the right, with coneflower springing up here and there, and one of the four new roses we've planted this spring in the center of the bed. Oh, and the sage that the bees so love. I may have to move some of those coneflowers out of this bed sometime soon. And, yeah, I see the weeds, too. I just about get to the back of these beds when it's time to start again at the front.

Another one of our new roses, doing nicely, it seems. Those are forget-me-nots to the left and front, and a lily to the right.

Bird feeder and bird bath.

May: coreopsis in the rain garden
It's May, and the coreopsis are taking over the rain garden.


Julian bought me four rose bushes for Mother's Day. All are thriving, and this one will soon be blooming. I'm going to have to move that one coneflower, though, which I hate to do at this time of year, but it has suddenly sprung up right on top of the rose bush.

The peonies continue their slow strip-tease.

The foxglove is always a May delight.

Some of our Asian lilies. I hope the tiger lilies bloom before we take off on our summer travels. They are some of my favorite flowers.

One of my Mother's Day roses.

And the peonies finally bloomed.

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