Newsletter 2013

Shop in KoreaThis was an almost-stay-at-home summer for Julian and Diane; we went nowhere but to Korea (travelogue here) and to Comfest (Columbus, OH — travelogue here). We don't know how long this period of exotic travel in our lives is going to last, but we intend to enjoy every minute of it.

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Kennon and Iris

Kennon is in the first year of his doctoral program in Florida, and has been invited into the Agbandje-McKenna lab at The University of Florida. Iris moved down there to be with him.

We miss them both — but they'll be here for Christmas.

Brian, Shauna, and Evan

Shauna, Brian, and Evan have bought their first house in a nice neighborhood in Columbus. And Evan now has his driver's license.

Be afraid . . .

Brian rides in Pelatonia every year to benefit cancer research. To be added to the list of his supporters, email Shauna at

Jonathan and Noelle

Jonathan, Maria, and Veronica remain in Columbus. Jonathan (seen here with Noelle; Maria in the background) is still working at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, but may yet go back to school for his MFA.

We really hope he does.

Maria with Shauna

Maria (at right, with Shauna) has a new job with regular hours, which allows her more time with Veronica.

It is wonderful to see one's children raising fabulous children of their own.

And there are no more fabulous children than Veronica, Noelle, and Evan.

Cyndi and Noelle

Cyndi and Noelle are still in their tiny east Ohio town. Cyndi remains the area's indispensable audiologist, the only one for miles and miles and miles . . .

(If all the names and relationships confuse you, visit our family page.)

And every year now is the Year of the Cousins.

The Cousins (our grandchildren) are: Evan (16 years old), Noelle (6 years old), and Veronica (4 years old).

Noelle and Veronica are the bestest friends ever. Noelle had to go into the hospital for some tests. She's going to be fine, but it would have been so much harder on everyone without her cousin Veronica.

Here's the story as Cyndi tells it:

Noelle and Veronica in the hospital"Veronica was so good; they were only going to let her back for a minute, but her being there stopped Noelle from crying. So they let her stay as long as she wasn't disruptive.

Veronica sat there behaving quietly next to Noelle from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM; pretty impressive for a 4 year-old."

. . . and Evan is The Most Fantastic Older Cousin Two Little Girls Ever Had.

Evan, Veronica, and NoelleHow many teenagers would put up with two pesky little girl cousins the way Evan does? I'll tell you how many: one, and that one is Evan.

No wonder he is a minor god to Noelle and Veronica.

Plans for 2014:

As of now, it looks like we'll probably go to Berlin for meetings next summer, and return to Stockholm and Belgium for research. We want to visit our Austrian friends while we're in Europe, and we'd love to meet Diane's French Pendaries relatives (from whom we were delighted to hear earlier this year) while we're in the neighborhood.

Cooley Cottage

Our family Oak Island summer vacation will resume next year. We will be straining the limits of our usual cottage if all who plan to show up can make it.

We look forward to the day when we need something bigger than Cooley cottage. I (Diane) will celebrate my 60th birthday while we're at Cooley this year, and I can't think of anything that would make me happier than to be surrounded by my amazing family.

There may be other adventures in 2014, as well. We might have the chance to head up the American East Coast, or perhaps to Costa Rica. And those things that do not happen next year might always happen the year after — or the year after that. We are both ready to enjoy whatever happens, here at home or wherever else life takes us.

And, of course, we're looking forward to time with family and friends, wherever they may be. Our greatest fortune is to have them in our lives.

And life is still good.