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Front walk and beds -

In 2011, we finally started doing some landscaping on our fairly large lot.

front gardens
For more on the Front Path Gardens, go to Gardens, page 2.

Below, general garden images, 2013.
May -

Turns out that we can really grow foxglove. These were planted as seed one year ago. They did not bloom last year, but this year they are the stars of the spring garden.

Another picture of the foxgloves
Foxglove, the Alice statue, and Phaedrus (the cat).

The asparagus produced nothing last year, but this year we're getting a few spears each week.

Rain garden
Our rain garden has proved wetter than I expected, but many of the plants are doing well, regardless. Our coreopsis, for example, are doing nicely. However, next year I may move many of the plants in the rain garden into our planned meadow garden.

Black-eyed Susans
Black-eyed Susans in the rain garden.

Cornflowers were among the earliest blooms.

Last year, I planted a few lilies, advertised as being small plants with big flowers. And that's what they were, the first year. However, this year they came back as full-sized plants. But, heck. They're still gorgeous. These are among the foundation plantings, right side as one faces the house.

Close-up of the lilies

Cream lilies
When I got the red lilies, I found they had accidentally shipped me a cream lily, too.

June -

Veggie garden
Last year, the veggies were planted among the ornamentals -- but we came back from Europe to find that the tomatoes had overwhelmed many of the flowering plants. So, this year. we started a proper veggie garden.

As soon as our special-order fencing comes in, there will be a split-rail fence between the garden and the street. We will plant a vining rose to decorate the fence.

Julian plowing the veggie garden
Julian removed the sod from the site for the vegetable garden, and Palmetto Landscaping (Rock Hill) delivered 3 1/2 cubic yards of soil. Julian tilled the garden, we raked it even, and planted our vegetables.

Vegetable garden
We expect many tomatoes.

Julian put up the fence in front of the veggie garden. We're going to plant roses in front of it.

Yellow Swallowtail
An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail decided to bless our vegetable garden. In return, I saved him from one of our cats.

Noelle's garden, growing
Granddaughter Noelle visited in April. One of the things we did was give her her own section of the garden, in which she was allowed to plant whatever seeds she chose. As you can see, she wanted a sunflower. So I let her plant a sunflower.

I really love that little girl

Noelle's garden June 2013
The first bloom in Noelle's garden, end of May 2013. One can always count on zinnias.

Noelle's sunflower
And here is the sunflower in all its glory.

Noelle's garden, mid-June
Other flowers grew in her garden, too.

Anne's rose
The rose transplanted from Julian's mom's garden looks happy in its new location by the front walk.

Bee on sage
Last year's sage is staying among the flowers as an ornamental. It's lovely, and the bees love it.

Bridge to the front walk
Julian put a bridge in so that I can get to the mailbox without getting wet up to my ankles.

Tiger lily
It seemed to take forever, but the tiger lilies finally started opening on the summer solstice 2013.

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