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Recent pictures

Jonathan and Shauna, Christmas 1978
Jonathan and Shauna, Christmas 1978.

Jonathan and Darth Vader
Jonathan's birthday, 1979.

Jonathan, Summer 1976
Summer 1976.

Jonathan and Cyndi
Jonathan and Cyndi, Fall '82.

Cyndi, Shauna, and Jonathan, Fall 82
Cyndi, Shauna, and Jonathan, Fall 1982.

Jonathan, Fall 82
Playing ball, Fall 1982.

Jonathan and friends at the prom
With Katie and friends at the prom.

Katie and Jon at the prom
Katie and Jonathan at the prom.

Jonathan, ready for prom
Jonathan, ready for prom

Luke & Leia '78
Jonathan as Luke with Shauna as Princess Leia (obviously), Halloween 1978

Jonathan and Shauna as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
The little boy with the light saber is a laser artist and holographer now.

Halloween party 1978
Back, left to right: April, Jonathan, Brandon, Dylan, Shauna, unidentified clown, Zoe
Front, left to right: unidentified hula girl with broken arm, Gavin, and Zoe's little sister (I think) - Halloween 1978

Jonathan and Shauna, November 1978
With his big sister Shauna in the driveway at Papa's house, November 1978

Jonathan catnapping
Jonathan asleep with Tigger, December 1978

Jonathan as ghost
Jonathan, Halloween '81

Shauna & Jonathan
Shauna and Jonathan, Jonathan's birthday 1979

Jonathan on the seesaw
Jonathan on the back yard seesaw, December 1978

Jonathan with Cyndi
Playing with Cyndi, 1980

Jon's birthday party, 81
Jonathan's birthday party '81. From left, Cyndi, Jonathan, Darby Smith, Shauna.

Jonathan May 1976
Jonathan in May 1976

Jonathan, July 1976
July 1976


I just found some old pictures of Jonathan, so those are at the top of the page.
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