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Julian and Diane
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Why care by what meanders we are here
i' the centre of the labyrinth! Men have died
Trying to find this place, which we have found.

-Robert Browning, In a Balcony

Julian grew up entirely in Virginia, and mostly in the same house on Taylor Street in Manassas, VA.

Diane's father was in the military. Her official residence while she was growing up was New Mexico, where her family was from, but she never actually lived there. She was born in Alaska, and moved every 1 1/2 to 3 years thereafter, until she got stuck for a long period of her adulthood in Dallas, TX. She does not recommend it.

Diane and Julian met in the summer of '70, when Diane got lost looking for her Algebra II class in summer school. They got separated for a prolonged period after 1973, but reconnected a few years back.

Despite a fondness for Maine, they have settled now in the Carolinas. (Tenure is not to be sneezed at.) Diane's still agitating for vacation property in Maine. (Global warming is not to be sneezed at.)

They do get to travel a bit, so check out those pages.

Julian and Diane at the Fasching party
At Fasching in Austria, February 2011.
Julian and Diane at the Fasching party
Diane with the granddaughters on Oak Island, June 2012.
On Oak Island, Summer 2010
On Oak Island, June 2010.
Veronica and Julian, October 2010
Julian checks coordinates for samples while Veronica keeps an eye on the lady with the camera. Emerald Isle, October 2010.
Veronica and Nanne, October 2010
After a long, hard day out doing science. October 2010.
Jules, Diane, and Noelle
Julian, Diane, and Noelle, Christmas 2007.

When I was at college, I sent Julian a ring with a green stone for his birthday. In return, he made me a ring with an infinity symbol. Both rings later were given to others after the massive misunderstanding that broke us up, but both rings are echoed in our wedding bands. Julian's center stone is a green sapphire. Mine is a blue sapphire. The infinity symbols on each side of the center stone are made from platinum wire. There are six diamonds on each ring, one for each of our six children.

Diane, Fr. Dunbar, and Julian
Our dear friend the Rev. Father Robert Dunbar presided at our church wedding on Christmas Day 2006 at The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Rock Hill, SC.
Julian's ring
Diane's ring

Our friend, Bill Weidinger of William A. Weidinger, Goldsmith, Columbus, Ohio*, designed our rings from a sketch we made.

*Julian also surprised me with the most beautiful opal from Bill's collection one Christmas. I had been visiting that ring at Bill's for years, afraid each time I walked through his door that someone else might have bought it.

our tent
Diane and Julian's tent. (This picture is dedicated to Greg Huddleston, wherever he may be. If he ever sees it, he'll know why.)
Julian at Winterplace
Julian skiing at Winterplace, Spring 2005.
Diane at Winterplace
Diane at Winterplace, spring 2005.
Julian and Diane at a wedding
Diane and Julian at the wedding of one of Julian's students, spring 2004.
Diane & Julian
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