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Julian and Diane
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Synchronized with the rising moon,
Even with the evening star.
They were true love, written in stone,
They were never alone,
they were never that far apart.

 - Never Die Young, James Taylor


Julian with camera
Diane's favorite guy with Pop's Contaflex, July 1972.
Diane in the Pontiac
Julian's favorite girl, July 1972.
Julian and Diane
About to head off down the road.
Diane running
Up on Skyline Drive, July 1972.
Julian's bike
Julian's motorcycle parked near Diane's house in Manassas, Summer 1972. Diane's mom had a fit when she found out Diane had ridden on it.
Diane, September 1972
Summer 1972.
Diane 1972
Juiian has clearly said something that has Diane cracking up, but trying hard not to show it. Neither of us has any recollection of what it was.
Diane in Eddie Roseberry's hat
Diane stole Eddie Roseberry's hunting hat. She is now ashamed of herself, of course. Summer 1972.
Diane and Ike III - Samee in background
Ike III with Diane -- Samee the Siamese is in the background.
Pop taught both of us to snow ski. Of course, back when Papa learned, you found the proper length for your skis by holding you hand over your head and measuring the length from your feet to your wrist.
Papa and Diane skiing
Papa and Diane in 1971, demonstrating that they could at least stand up while wearing skis.
Julian sking, March 1972
Julian skiing in 1972.
Papa and Diane skiing, March 1972
Papa and Diane skiing, March 1972.
Diane & Julian, April 1972
Okay. So Diane takes a fall, and Julian just stands there. Where's Papa? Taking the picture, of course.
Diane's new ski outfit
Diane in her backyard in Manassas, ready to go skiing with Papa and Julian in 1972.
Papa, April 1972
Papa, on a ski lift, April 1972. (This got pretty funny later . . . see below.)
Diane and Julian, April 1972
That's Julian and Diane on a ski lift on the same day. Papa, who thought Julian was "just a friend," had always liked Julian, in spite of his long hair. But on that
day, Julian and Diane were kissing on the ski lift and looked over and saw Papa watching them from a parallel ski lift. When we met up at the bottom of the hill, he remarked to Julian, "So much for the platonic relationship."
      His relationship with Julian was never quite the same, which may explain Diane's defiant expression in the picture below.
Julian & Diane, '72
Diane and Julian, in front of her house in Newport News, probably on their way to go water skiing, summer 1972.
Diane water skiing
Diane, always a better water skier than snow skier, in 1972. This was the picture of me Julian had on his desk at Wake Forest.
Diane's prom dress
Diane in her prom dress, 1972.
Diane and Julian, '72
Diane and Julian, near her house in Newport News, Christmas break 1972.
Diane & Julian, N2, 2008
By the same pond in Newport News, spring 2008.
Papa, Diane, & Julian
Here are Papa, Diane, Julian at the same location, Christmas break 1972.
Papa and Diane
No, Papa and Diane hadn't joined NASA. He and his buddies in Viet Nam had these jumpsuits made, and he had one made for Diane, too.
(By the way, for most of 1972, we had two houses: a single-familly house in Hidenwood in Newport News, VA, and a townhouse in Georgetown South, Manassas, VA. That's why the home in front of which we're posing for these pictures keeps changing.)
Diane, Timmy, and Ike
When you're an only child going off to college, you get to pose for photographs in your new winter coat even though it's August in Newport News. That's Timmy by the tree and Ikey at her feet.
Diane on her bike at Purdue
You're also likely to get a bike with more stuff on it than it is cool to ride around with on campus. Diane took off the horn and the fenders as soon as Papa left West Lafayette.
Great Aunt Lucille and Diane
Great Aunt Lucille and Diane, August 1972.
Papa and Diane
Papa and Diane, backyard in Manassas, spring 1972. (Papa never quite got the hang of civilian clothing.)
Papa in uniform
Papa in uniform -- and wearing all his medals, which was rare.
Changing the tire
Changing the tire on the Beetle, summer 1970 (about the time Julian and Diane met). (It didn't need to be changed. Pop just thought a girl should be able to change a tire.)
Lauren, Brion, Julian C'mas 75
Lauren, Brion, and Julian, Smith home in Manassas, Christmas 1975.
Diane & Julian
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