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Kennon in "The Wiz"

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When I was very young
Beach 2006
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Kennon at grad school
Kennon's getting his doctorate at the University of Florida.

Kennon and Iris
Kennon and his girlfriend, Iris.

Kennon and Iris, dressed up
They clean up pretty good.

With Julian and Meghan at graduation
With Meghan and Julian at his graduation. May 2012.

Kennon and poster
The serious scientist. April 2012.

November 2011. (Shamelessly stolen from his Facebook page.)

Kennon, June 2010
June 2010

Some photos from Kennon's semester in Australia, spring 2010:

Kennon, April 2010

Kennon, March 2010
March 2010

Kennon, January 2010
January 2010

Kennon, March 2010
March 2010

Kennon, March 2010
February 2010

Meghan, Leah, Kennon, Diane - Kennon's birthday
Meghan, Leah, Kennon, and Diane - Kennon's 19th birthday.

Kennon at his high school graduation
Kennon, May 25, 2007. (You can almost hear the administrators and teachers at Northwestern High School breathing a sigh of relief.)

Kennon in Ohio, 2006.

It's just a flesh wound
One of Kennon's scouting friends accidentally stabbed him in the arm . . . (2006)

Evan and Kennon
Evan and Kennon, 2006.

Kennon and Meghan
Kennon and Meghan at the Franklin Park Conservatory, 2006. (Awww . . . )

Kennon, Meghan, and Nick outside Bland
Kennon, Meghan, and Nick outside Bland, 2006.

Kennon 2005
Kennon, spring 2005 (Yes, his room always looked like that.)

Ridge, Meghan, and Kennon - Halloween 2005
Ridge (Kennon's friend), Meghan, and Kennon
Halloween 2005

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