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Mt. Desert Isle, 2008

Julian fell in love with Maine when he did a postdoc up there in the '80's. I fell for Maine when I visited a friend there in the'90's. It's just not like anyplace else I've seen.

We visit whenever we can. In summer of 2008, Julian got a chance to take a microscopy course on Mt. Desert Island. We stretched the week out to two, and wandered together all over the Downeast.

Cottage on Mt. Desert Island
This is the little cottage provided for us while Julian was taking his course on Mt. Desert Island.

View from the cottage
The cottages were right across the street from the bay.

Julian, fishing for flatworms on Mt. Desert Island

Lake on Mt. Desert Island
While Julian was in class, I wandered the island with the camera.

Mt. Desert Island

Houses on Mt. Desert Island

Ferns among trees

Park on Mt. Desert Island
A pond in a small park on Mt. Desert Island

Church on Mt. Desert Island
A church on Mt. Desert Island

There was a cookout on the last night of the course.

Cookout on the last night of the course
Lobster was the featured entree.

Biologist with a ponytail
I took this picture mostly to illustrate for the kids that their dad is not the only biologist with a ponytail.

Body count
This home's owner, in an effort to help his kids visualize how many U.S. military personnel we have lost in Iraq, has planted one flag in his yard for each U.S. military death. Orono, ME.

We went collecting after we left Mt. Desert Island. We noticed this little fellow helping himself to someone's picnic lunch in a state park. (We told them about the little thief after we'd gotten his picture.)

While Julian stood knee-deep in frigid water to scoop up flatworms, I found this foot-long guy heading for his burrow.

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