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Midsummer's Night Dream
As a fairy in Shakespeare Carolina's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. August 2012.

With Veronica on the ferry
Wtih Veronica on the ferry during our beach vacation. June 2012.

March 2012.

Meghan at graduation
The youngest child has graduated from high school! Hooray!

Meghan and Ginger Heath
Meghan and Ginger Heath at the reception after Meghan's confirmation.

Meghan & other confirmands
Confirmands with Bishop Dorsey Henderson and Mary Cat Enockson, April 24, 2008.

Meghan in Ohio
Meghan in Ohio, November 2006.

Meghan & the other cheerleader
Meghan on the dance team at Northwestern High School! Spring 2007.

Meghan riding
Meghan on Gray Pony, summer 2006.

Meghan & Caitlin
Meghan swimming with her best friend, Katelyn, summer 2006.

Meghan's birthday 2006
Meghan, Diane, and Katelyn at Meghan's birthday party, 2006.

Makeup for the dance
Meghan being made-up by Diane for a school dance, 2006.

Vamping in Granne's dress
Vamping in Granne's old dress, 2006.

Meghan as Madame Zamboni
Meghan was a fortune teller for the Church's Halloween party.

Meghan's Glinda dress
Trying on her costume for the part of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, in the high school's production of The Wiz, Fall 2006.
(Yes, that's right. The "Good Witch of the South.)

Meghan, ready for the Snow Ball
Spring 2006

Meghan, June 2005

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