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Meghan in the cast of Children of Eden
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The Tempest was Meghan's last time on stage at Northwestern High School, and it was great -- and she was great, playing two supporting parts. What a trouper!

Meghan (on the right) in the Tempest
Meghan (on the right) in the Tempest, May 20, 2009.

Meghan, far right
Meghan, on far right.

Meghan, in one of her costumes
In costume for one of the characters she played in The Tempest.

Meghan, third from right (behind)
In another scene from The Tempest (third from right, partly concealed).

Time Flies, a one-act play in which Meghan starred, won second place in the entire state! (Fall 2008)

Rocko and Meghan in Time Flies

Meghan and Rocko in Time Flies

Rocko and Meghan

Thoroughly Modern MIlle, Fall 2008

"Millie" dance number
Meghan in the blond wig and green dress in a dance number in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Northwestern High School, Fall 2008.

Dance number, "Millie," continued

Dance number, "Millie," continued

Meghan in another wig with Keanu Thompson in "Millie"
Meghan as Miss Flannery and Keanu Thompson as Millie.

Meghan and Elliot Rosson
Meghan and Elliot Rosson do a dance number in Millie.

Meghan and cast in dance number in "Millie"
Meghan and the cast in a dance number in Millie.

Meghan & cast in "The Museum"
Meghan, far left, in her high school's production of "The Museum," May 2008.

Meghan in "The Museum"
Meghan in "The Museum."

Part of the cast of Children of Eden - Meghan in the center, second row
Meghan (in the center of the second row, blue hat) in Central Piedmont Community College's July 2007 production of Children of Eden.

Meghan dancing in Children of Eden
Meghan in one of the dance numbers in Children of Eden.

Meghan as a panda in Children of Eden
Meghan (in back) as one of the crowd-pleasing pandas in the Ark scene of Children of Eden.

The Children's Hour
Meghan (right) in Northwestern High School's production of The Children's Hour.

Meghan & Blake at Thespian Banquet
Meghan and her friend, Blake, at the Thespian Awards Banquet, May 2006

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