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Visit to Italy
We took hundreds of photos on our trip to Italy. We'll comb through them occasionally and add to or replace the ones here now. By the way, the narrative style may be a little uneven, since Julian's written parts of this, and Diane's written other parts, and no one's gone back through to smooth things out.

Julian on the plane
Julian on the plane, surrounded by teens.

I suppose the sanity of adults who voluntarily climb on a plane with a large number of teenagers, both their own and others, must seem pretty questionable. On the other hand, few people have ever accused either Julian or me of excessive sanity. In any case, on April 6th 2007, we and 17 other adults accompanied Kennon, Meghan, and 63 other teenagers on a trip to Italy.

Group shot
Group shot. Diane's the one in the hat, far left. Meghan's in the front row, second from left. Kennon is nowhere to be found (surprise). Julian is holding the camera.


April 6th—flight to Munich, then a hop on a small airbus over the alps to Milan, where we discovered that Diane's suitcase had not made the trip.

The Alps from the air.

Then, though dead on our feet, we headed for the downtown square to see the cathedral, an amazing creation of marble spun out like confectioner's sugar.

Duomo, Milano
The Duomo in Milan.

Then we visited a High Renaissance era shopping mall, now containing High Fashion Shops. We have since found out that there was a mosaic on the floor of the mall on the, um, privates of which one is supposed to pivot one-footed for good luck. My only complaint about our tour guides is that they didn't tell us. I guess we'll have to go back sometime to take care of that.

High Renaissance era shopping mall
The High Renaissance shopping mall.

Then we toured LaScala. Tickets for performances (a) are incredibly expensive, and (b) sell out a year or more in advance, but the museum and the stage are well worth seeing. A wonderful docent took a shine to Julian and me. She conducted us around personally, and then gave us a calendar.

La Scala
La Scala

Then off to Cremona, home of the violin.

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