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Noelle, age 0
Noelle, age 1
Noelle, age 2
Noelle, age 3
Noelle, age 4
Noelle, age 5


Noelle laughing
Our happy little Noelle!

Sitting up
Sitting up like a big girl in her mom's backyard.

Noelle playing in Shauna's yard
At Aunt Shauna's house.

Thanksgiving 2007.

Holding herself up!

Playing. (That kid can kick booties off faster than any adult can collect them.)

Jules with Noelle
Jules with Noelle.

Noelle sleeping in Jules' arms
Sound asleep in Jules' arms.

Noelle & Cyndi
Getting groggy while Cyndi feeds her.

Cyndi kissing Noelle
Getting kisses from Mommy.

Halloween 2007.

Noelle in penguin costume
In her penguin costume.

Noe in cat costume
In her cat costume.

Noe in rabbit costume
In her rabbit costume.

At home in October 2007.





September 2007.

Noelle with ears
Here she is in a cute little outfit with ears.

Noelle smiling
A pretty little smile.

Noe looking at her mobile
Looking up at her mobile.

After 38 days in the hospital, Noelle finally went home with her mom on June 27th.

Noelle June 27th
Home at last.

Pictures from 6/1/07:

Noelle in her PJ's
All dressed up in her pajamas with the froggy feet.

Noelle - feeding tube
Well, how happy would you look with a feeding tube up your nose?

Noelle asleep
Noelle asleep in her mom's arms.

Pictures from 5/19/07:

Noelle and Cyndi
Noelle and her mom, May 19, 2007.

Noelle and Maria
Noelle and her Aunt Maria, May 19, 2007.

Noelle and Jules
Noelle and Jules, May 19, 2007.

Nanne and Noelle
Diane and Noelle, May 19, 2007.

Noelle sleeping
Noelle getting her beauty rest, May 19, 2007.

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