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Noelle, age 0
Noelle, age 1
Noelle, age 2
Noelle, age 3
Noelle, age 4
Noelle, age 5

Noelle & her birthday cupcake
A monster first birthday cupcake. May 18, 2008.

The cupcake.
Close up of the cupcake.

Noelle & cupcake
The death of the cupcake.

Shauna, Brian, & Noelle
Aunt Shauna and Uncle Brian on Noelle's birthday trip to the Columbus Zoo.

Noelle at the zoo.

GNoelle with Cyndi
Noelle on her birthday, with her mom, Cyndi, at the petting zoo.

Goat, Noelle, & Cyndi
Looking at a goat in the petting zoo.

The goat, Noelle, & Cyndi

Goat, Jonathan, & Noelle
With Uncle Jonathan and the goat.

Another goat, Cyndi, & Noelle
Hmm. Not too sure about this goat . . .

Noelle with Jonathan
With her uncle Jonathan at the zoo.

Shauna, Jonathan, & Cyndi
Everyone wants the birthday girl's picture . . .

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