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Noelle, age 0
Noelle, age 1
Noelle, age 2
Noelle, age 3
Noelle, age 4
Noelle, age 5

Cyndi and her mom at Lake Hope
Noelle with Cyndi at Lake Hope on June 12th. (Shauna gave her the Elmo that blows bubbles.)

Cyndi and her mom at Lake Hope
More of the same . . .

Noelle on her tricycle
Noelle and her tricycle at Nanne and Jules' house; Summer 2009.

Learning to peddle
Working on pedaling.

Being read to by Jules
Reading Dr. Seuss with Jules.

In the chair made by Stu
In the chair made by Stu (Julian's dad).

Meeting the Tree Man
Noelle meets the door knocker we use as one of our green men.

I could make an entire page of our kids and grandkids eating spaghetti and looking pretty much just like this. Check out the picture below of Noelle's mom in 1978:

Cyndi December 1978

Beach Vacation 2011
Beach Vacation 2012
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