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Noelle, age 0
Noelle, age 1
Noelle, age 2
Noelle, age 3
Noelle, age 4
Noelle, age 5

Jules and Noelle
Jules and Noelle, Christmas 2010

Attacked by a Pterosaur

Noelle, Christmas 2010
Noelle wearing some of her Princess accessories, Christmas 2010

Noelle at a birthday party!

Noelle running

Noelle in party hat

Noelle in the pool

Noelle in pool
Noelle on the slide

Noelle visiting with cousin Veronica at Aunt Shauna's house:

Giving cousin Veronica a kiss
Giving cousin Veronica a kiss

Noelle with a blue tongue
With a blue tongue from Powerade

Noelle, July 2010

Noelle at gymnastics:

Noelle on the balance beam

Noelle on the big balance beam

On the parallel bar

Beach Vacation 2011
Beach Vacation 2012
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