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Noelle, age 0
Noelle, age 1
Noelle, age 2
Noelle, age 3
Noelle, age 4
Noelle, age 5

Self-sufficiency lesson
Noelle learns to handle a screwdriver. August 2012.

Noelle at the fair
Noelle at the Mason Fair, August 2012.

Noelle at the fair
The fair again, in some really neat bubble things. (That's Noelle on the right.)

Still at the fair.


Noelle and funnel cakes
Funnel cakes!

Noelle and Cyndi
Noelle and Cyndi.

Noelle ziplining
Noelle getting ready to zipline.

Up and away!

Noelle at Cooley Cottage.

Cyndi, Veronica and Noelle -- Noelle's 5th birthday

Cyndi, Veronica, and Noelle at Noelle's fifth birthday celebration. Evan and Noelle
Evan and Noelle at her birthday party.

Jonathan, Noelle, Cyndi, and Veronica
Noelle, Jonathan, Cyndi, and Veronica.

Noelle, preschool graduation
Noelle graduated from preschool!

Noelle at the beach
Noelle waiting patientlly for everyone else to get their sunblock on. Cooley Cottage, June 2012.

Beach Vacation 2011
Beach Vacation 2012
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