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Keble College


In August 2015, the International Symposium of Flatworm Biology (may their numbers never grow smaller, and may they find the reknown they deserve) met in Oxford, England. It is not true that I, Diane, influence the society's choice in any way, but it is true that I was pulling for Oxford. I am, after all, an English major.

The symposium was held at Lady Margaret Hall, and we stayed for the duration of the symposium at Keble College.

Keble was founded in 1870. It's style was quite a departure from the mellow limestone of the buildings around it and was not universally popular, so say the least, described as being in "the most holy zebra style" and looking like "a giraffe hiding under a checked tablecloth." However, it has become one of the most photographed colleges in Oxford, perhaps partly because it is certainly the easiest to recognize. Certainly, Julian and I are fans, and enjoyed our time there enormously.

Flowers and trees in one of the courtyards.


Keble College dining hall
We had breakfast every day in the dining hall, which felt like dining at Hogwarts.

Keble College

Looking toward Keble Chapel. They were working on the lawn while we were there.

Another view of the Chapel.

The Light of the World
"The Light of the World," which hangs in the side-chapel of Keble Chapel.

Cross and window of Keble
The cross on the Chapel.

St. George
St. George.

window Inside the chapel
Window in the Chapel.

Mosaics in the Chapel
Mosaics in the Chapel.

Mosaics in chapel
The main altar.

The College Bar
The College Bar, also known as The Spaceship.

Our dorm room
Our dorm room in Keble.

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