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street art in West Palm Beach
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SICB (The Society for Integrative & Comparitive Biology) met in West Palm Beach in January 2015. Julian gave a paper ("When Jaws and Mouth are separate: Functional morphology and evolution of the Kalyptorhynch Proboscis"), and Diane (per usual) wandered around with a camera.

It was winter back home in Rock Hill, but in West Palm Beach it was sunny and in the low 80's.

Clematis street in West Palm Beach
Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

Art Shop
I found a neat gallery -- Habatat Gallery -- on Clematis Street.

Art work by Tomas Hlavicka
By Tomas Hlavicka.

art by toland sand
By Toland Sand.

Art glass by Bin Pho
By Bin Pho.

art glass by Wendy Saxon-Brown
"Two Parrots" by Wendy Saxon-Brown.

Cafe on Clematis Street
Don Ramon's Cuban Cuisine on Clematis Street.

I have no idea what this shrub is, and it probably won't grow in our area, anyway, but the flowers are pretty.

Banyon tree
This was the first banyon tree I'd seen since I lived in Hawaii.

Bougainvillea outside a restaurant near Clematis Street.

I walked down to the waterfront on Lake Worth Lagoon.

Yachts in their berths on Lake Worth Lagoon.

The big gray yacht is called Skyfall II.

Sand sculpture
A sand sculpture of a Palm Beach Santa.

coconut palm
A coconut palm on the walkway by the waterfront.

The walkway by the waterfront.

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise.

Julian giving his talk
Julian giving his talk at the conference.

Palm Beach 2015
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