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Lima 1960 - 63 (Diane)

Julian and Diane
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Cuando era niña, vivo en Perú.

Moving in
Moving into 424 Jacinto Lara, Lima, Peru. All the furniture from the living room of our ranch house in Falls Church fit into one corner of our living room in Lima.

Our bodega
Our bodega -- the spare bedroom in which we kept the American-style food we ordered from the commissary in Panama.

Mom and me
Mom and me on the covered patio. Mom hated Lima; this is one of the few pictures I've found of her there where she didn't look tense and miserable.

Mom and me
Mom and me in our matching outfits, near the pointsettia tree in the garden.

Mom, Sis, and me
Mom, me, and Sis, with Ike II.

Me and Ruby
Me with my rabbit, Ruby.

Max, our gardener, who worked five days a week on to make our garden lovely. Judging from the growth of the vines, this must have been 1963.

And this is the garden you can have if a professional works on it full-time for three years. Oh, and the tropical climate helps, too.

Me in the garden
Me in the garden.

Ralph, Sis, Me, Mom
I think the guy is Ralph, my sister's Undesirable Boyfriend (UB).

Lima garden
Picking flowers with one of the maids while Ike chews on a bone.

The maids used to clean our parrot's cage on the grass next to the patio. Max let one of the sunflowers grow to please me.

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