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Animal Companions

At present, we have only two birds living with us: Mithrandir, a Congo African Grey Parrot (hatched in 1997), and Prospero, a Blue and Gold Macaw (hatched in 1996). Rio, the Solomon Islands Eclectus hen, has moved back to be with Cyndi, who is her favorite person in the world.

Below are a few pictures of Mith, Pros, and Rio, and of Ariel, a Golden-capped Conure, whom we lost in winter 2006. (Click here for Ariel's story.)

Mith, March 2009
Mithrandir, Congo African Grey. March 2009.

Rio, Solomon Islands Eclectus, March 2009.

Prospero, Blue and Gold Macaw, March 2003.

Prospero, chewing on his manzanita perch. March 2009.

Rio and Mith on a boing
Rio and Mith on a boing, March 2009.

Pros, still damp from a shower
Prospero, still damp from his shower. March 2009.

Meghan & Ariel eating spaghetti
Ariel's favorite treat was spaghetti. Here's he's trying to steal some from Meghan. (Spring 2006)

Blessing of the Animals
Prospero being blessed by our priest.
The Blessing of the Animals, Church of Our Saviour, Feast of St. Francis, 2006
(Pros is wearing a harness, by the way. No way I'd let that boy out untethered, clipped or not.)

Prospero, doing a perfectly-executed Macaw-lunge.

Rio eating corn
Rio loves corn on the cob. (July 2006)

Mithrander eating corn
Mithrander goes for it, too. (July 2006)

Companion Animals
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