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Animal Companions

Snowmaggedon 2014:

We had an unusual amount of snow this winter -- for South Carolina, that is. People panicked, schools and businesses were closed, there was a run on bread, milk, and eggs.

But Inky, the dachshund, took it in stride.

Inky in the snow

Inky in snow

Inky in snow

Inky in snow

We also suffered a major loss during the winter of 2013/14. P.C. and Nermal, featured in several of the pictures below, were taken by coyotes.

The remaining outdoor cat, Phaedrus, is now an indoor cat.

This is P.C,, who owed his place with us to the dachshund, who was his best friend. P.C. stands for Patient Cat, because P.C. would let the dachshund drag him all over the place by the fur.

Nermal technically belonged to our daughter Maria, but was staying with us. She was one of the finest cats ever.

Phaedrus also belongs to Maria, but is staying with us. Another fine cat, she has become my constant indoor companion.

Inky, August 2010
Our current dachshund, Inky. August 2010.

Mom, Sis, & Ike I
Dachshunds have always had a prominent role in my life. This is my mom, my sis,
and Ike I, summer 1954.

This was Yoshi, Maria's faithful little friend for twelve years. It was a hot summer day in Dallas, but he'd seen a squirrel go up that tree, and he wasn't leaving his post until he'd caught the critter.

Inky as a puppy. March 5, 2007.

Inky in the snow
The poor little guy just couldn't believe we could expect him to go out and do his business when there was snow on the ground. February 2009.

P.C., August 2010
P.C., August 2010.

Meghan & Noname
Meghan and Noname, Fall 2005

Xander, Shauna's very manly dog. (Notice the Antonio-Banderas eyes.)

Mr. Bunny Rabbit
Evan's rabbit, Mr. Bunny Rabbit, who passed away on August 22, 2010.

Diane & Luna
Noname, 2006.

Meghan's kitten, Luna, 2006.

Shauna, Sara, Cyndi
Shauna and Cyndi with Sara, the yellow lab
(All four of my kids insist that I did not raise them, the dog did.)

Diane and Ike 1972
Diane and Ike III, 1972.

Diane & Ikey, April 1972
Diane & Ikey, April 1972

Mom and Timmy
Mom always objected to every animal we ever got, but she never held out for long. Here she is with Timmy, June 1972.

Sammy & Timmy, June 1972
We got Timmy because Sammy had been missing for three weeks. The day we brought Timmy home, Sammy showed up, and was horrified that we'd replaced him.
     Fortunately, he got over it. Here they are, piled up on Diane's bed, June 1972.

Diane with Sammy
Diane and Sammy II, Christmas 1972.

Diane & Timmy, Christmas
Diane and Timmy

Companion Animals
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