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This year's meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology took place in Portland. Julian kept busy at talks and meetings; I saw his talk and a few others I was interested in, and then went to the zoo and wandered around the city.

We both socialized with friends in the evenings.

Conference Center
The Conference Center.

Bell in front of conference center
Prayer bell in front of the Conference Center.

Mobile in conference center
Mobile in Conference Center.

Pot shop
Cannabis shop across the street from the Conference Center.

downtown Portland
Downtown Portland.

homeless cart in downtown Portland
Homeless cart in downtown Portland.

Skidmore Fountain
Skidmore Fountain in Ankeny Plaza, at the west end of Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland.

Arches in Ankeny Plaza.

The Pioneer Courthouse
The Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland.

I spent one chilly day at The Oregon Zoo. It was so chilly that many of the animals were not on view, but it was still a nice visit. The recently opened Elephant Enclosure was especially impressive.

Squirrel statue
A statue of a squirrel near the zoo entrance.

Penguins in their enclosure.

Polar bear
A polar bear playing with a ball.

A sleeping bat.

An Amur Leopard.

Turtle statue
A turtle statue.

Elephants in the newly finished Elephant Land.

The smallest elephant
The smallest elephant.

At one of the watering holes.

Hippos in their enclosure.

In the evenings, Julian and I visited some of Portland's renowned pubs, often with friends.

Portland at night
Outdoor dining at night.

Downtown at night

Julian and I visited an art shop or two.

Art shop

Art shop

Portland 2016
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