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Shauna and Noelle on Oak Island
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Shauna at Oak Island
At Oak Island, June 2012.

Shauna and Noelle
With Noelle, June 2012.

At Comm Fest
At CommFest, 2012.

With Veronica
With Veronica.

Shauna, curling
Shauna, curling. March 2010.

Shauna and Brian 2010
Shauna and Brian, 2010.

Shauna playing kickball
Shauna plays kickball with a Grandview Team.

Shauna and Brian hiking, winter 2011
Winter hiking in 2011

Shauna and Evan, Stepmom's Day
At the Franklin Park Conservatory with Evan for Stepmom's Day, 2010.

Evan, Shauna, and Brian - December 2008
Evan, Shauna, and Brian in front of their Christmas tree —
December 2008.

Brian, Diane, Evan, and Shauna
Brian, Evan, and Shauna, Thanksgiving 2007.

Shauna, Kennon, Meghan, and Diane
Shauna, Kennon, Meghan, and Diane at the Franklin Park Conservatory, November 2006.

Brian at beach
Brian boogie-boarding at the beach, summer 2006.

Shauna, beach
Shauna shell-hunting at the beach, 2006.

Evan at the touch tank
Evan at the touch tank, beach trip 2006.

Evan & Meghan at the aquarium
Evan and Meghan (and some kid we don't know) at the aquarium, beach trip 2006.

Shauna shelling
Hunting for sea shells, 2006.

Brian and Shauna
Brian and Shauna at the beach cottage, 2006.

Brian and Shauna
Brian and Shauna, summer 2006.

Shauna, as Harley Quinn
Shauna, as Harley Quinn (sidekick of The Joker) for Halloween

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