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Shauna, May '76
Shauna, May 1976.

Shauna's birhday
Shauna's fifth birthday.

Shauna and Jonathan, Christmas '78
Shauna and Jonathan, Christmas 1978.

Crayon costumes
Everyone was a crayon for Halloween 1982.


Shauna in her rocking chair
Shauna in her rocking chair, tying her shoe, 1976.

Shauna, aged 15 months
Shauna, at about 15 months

Papa and Shauna
Shauna with Papa

Shauna looking at camera
Shauna, getting a better look at Papa's camera

Shauna, about 15 months
Shauna, at Papa's house

Shauna in her nightie
Shauna in her nightie, April 1976

Playing frisbee, July 1976
Playing Frisbee outside Campusview Apartments, July 1976

Chasing the frisbee

In the grass, July 1976

On the swing at Papa's house
On the swing at Papa's house, August 1976

Shauna September 1976
Papa took this picture in August 1976

Birthday party 1978
Okay, I have no idea why all the kids at Shauna's 4th birthday party look so gloomy. Maybe Jonathan just ate everybody else's candy? There's definitely something smeared around his mouth. Or maybe the two older girls just put makeup on the two younger kids (notice the cheeks of the girl in pink), and they're all in trouble? No idea.
That's Shauna at the head of the table and Jonathan front-and-center, but I can't remember the names of the other two kids. Rachel and Avery, maybe?

October 1978, in the back yard of the house we rented when we first moved to Richardson

Red wagon tea party, December 1978
Red Wagon Tea Party, December 1978

Shauna, August '79
August 1979

Shauna with Maria, August '79
Holding Maria, August 1979

Shauna, September '79
September 1979

Shauna on the phone, September 1979
On the phone, September 1979 (For some reason, she reminds me of Eloise in this picture. I think it's the world-weary look.)

Shauna, Sam the Siamese, and Jonathan, October '79
With Sam the Siamese Cat and Jonathan, Papa's back yard, October '79

Shauna, Jonathan, and Cyndi - Halloween 1980
Shauna, Jonathan, & Cyndi Halloween 1980

On her first day of school
First day of kindergarten

I just found some old pictures of Shauna, so those are at the top of the page.

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