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Inside the Stockholm airport
Inside the Stockholm airport.

Airport 7-11
A 7-11 in the Stockholm airport.

Girl waiting for the train to Stockholm
Passengers waiting for the train from the airport into Stockholm.

We had no time to check into our hotel and change between the flight to Stockholm and the opening dinner at the conference, so Julian was dressed in Tirolian casual wear when we showed up. (I wouldn't let him take a picture of how I looked.) We were also lugging all of our luggage with us.

After dinner, we caught a taxi to our hotel.

Stockholm hotel

We arrived a week before Midsummer. The picture below was taken from our hotel window at midnight.

Stockholm at midnight

So, Julian headed off into days of scientific talks. I attended a few (like the one Julian gave), but otherwise I was free to explore Stockholm.

There was some curse on my camera and I lost a lot of pictures, but there are still many to help me remember Stockholm, and to make me want to go back.

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