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We are a family with wanderlust. Given the least excuse, we'll hop in the car and drive to Maine (we have dear friends in Maine). The fact that our family is somewhat scattered also gives us a reason to be on the road to see each other. And Julian and I are lucky enough to get to take some lovely trips abroad. We have been to Italy, Austria, England, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Tobago, Korea, and China in the last few years. Who knew that the career of an marine biologist was so adventurous?

For Diane, one of the loveliest things about being back with Julian is that he loves to travel as much as she does. And they have been fortunate enough to have many opportunities to travel, both in the States and abroad. They have now visited places they talked about visiting back in high school, as well as places they never dreamed they'd get to see. To travel with someone who is not stressed by it, does not over-worry, and is open to new experiences and to the beauty of new places, is a great gift.

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