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Veronica (and others) at the beach 2012

One year old!

Veronica's 1st birthday
Not quite sure what the fuss is about . . .

First birthday cake
First birthday cake

Wearing Uncle Kennon's hat
Wearing Uncle Kennon's hat

Veronica in pajamas
With her mommy and all ready for bed

At the wedding of two of Julian's students
At the wedding of two of Julian's students. She definitely is the prettiest one-year-old around.

Thanksgiving 2010:

Veronica, dressed for church
Veronica in her Sunday best.





Noelle and Veronica
Noelle and Veronica at Christmas 2010:

My angels, the lights of my life, the apples of my eyes, and every other cliche one can come up with. In this picture, Noelle has realized that Veronica does not have her beloved blankie, and is running after her crying, "Baby Cousin, Baby Cousin, you forgot your blankie!"

These moments live on in our hearts.

Noelle decided, the moment she knew that Veronica existed, that her "Baby Cousin" was also her best friend.

And the two have stood by each other ever since they each could stand.

Keith and Veronica
With her Daddy on Christmas morning

Veronica in her new hat and coat
In her new coat

Veronica and Jules, July 2011
Clapping for her favorite REM song, July 2011.

Veronica meets the Knock-knock Tree, July 2011.

Veronica and Maria

Veronica and Maria
Veronica and her mom, July 2011.


Veronica dressed up
Our lovely little girl. She adores those sandals. She wouldn't let us take them off of her.

Veronica rocking
In a rocking chair that's just her size.


Veronica "I want a pony" look
How could anyone not give this kid anything she wants?

Veronica Laine
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