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Veronica turns two Cyndi, Noelle, and Veronica at Oak Island

Birth to one year
One year to two
Two years to three
Three years to four
Four years to five

Veronica (and others) at the beach 2012

Veronica launches her third year!

Veronica's kitty cake
Veronica is extremely fond of cats, so Nanne made her a kitty-cat cake.

Veronica's birthday dinner
A menu designed for a two-year old: Mini-Manwiches, macaroni and cheese, broccoli (Veronica loves broccoli), and, of course, cake.

Veronica's dinnerware
Veronica looks over the dinnerware passed down to her by her cousin Noelle.

Veronica blows out the candles
She made a valiant attempt to blow out the candles.

Veronica having dinner
Veronica's parents wisely dispensed with her shirt before she began her dinner.



Veronica and Jules.


Veronica and her guitar
Nanne and Jules gave Veronica an Elmo guitar, which was a big hit.

Veronica and her guitar
Dancing with her guitar.

Veronica's 2nd birthday
At Nanne and Jules' house for a celebration of her second birthday.

Wearing Aunt Shauna's hat
Wearing Aunt Shauna's hat. June 2012.

Veronica and Evan
Veronica and her cousin Evan.

Veronica waiting for everyone else at the beach
Waiting for everyone else to get their sun block on so she can go out on the BEACH.

Veronica, learning to dance.

Bustin' a move.

Helping out at Thanksgiving.

Veronica Laine
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